BEST FRIEND: The Reviews

It’s been a week since we released our newest single ‘Best Friend’ so I thought I’d fill you in on some of the amazing reviews we’ve had and playlists it has been added to. Thanks so much to the bloggers and YouTubers for listening to and sharing Best Friend. So here goes…


‘Best Friend’ is a peppy indie pop track smothered in a sweet sun kissed melody. Vibrant guitar glistens adding beaming luminosity to the track.’ Read the full review from Indie Buddie here.

Intense guitar riffs and a haunting bass line merge with infectious choruses, creating a perfect summery tune I am expecting will be featured on many playlists in the next weeks and months. Read the full review from Indie & Tonic here.

If you want cathartic, anthemic, fists in the air, sing-a-long indie-pop that makes you want to get in your car and go on a road trip to find adventure then you’ve come to the right place. Read the full review from Listen With Monger here.


Aside from the amazing reviews we have had, Best Friends been been added to quite a few Playlist. So no matter what you’re into I’m sure you will find something you like on one of them!

Thanks to Born Music Online for adding Best Friend to their #DiscoverTheUndiscovered playlist. It’s updated twice a week and definitely worth following for some great fresh finds. Check out the #DiscoverTheUndiscovered on Spotify below.

We was also added to the In The Office playlist by Rebel Rebel Artists / PR


The amazing  Funspear Music added it to her new summer Indie Pop Compilation. It’s perfect listening for the long summer days. Check out Best Friend at 13:51.

And last but not least the mighty big thank you to  SamFish Music and Fancy Melancholic for adding Best Friend to their channels. Check out their channels below and be sure to subscribe to them.

Just in case there aren’t enough places to listen to Best Friend on this blog post, click here to listen to it on Spotify.

Thanks as ever guys hopefully see you all soon at a gig or two! RH