ICYMI: Rylands Heath Updates #7

It’s fair to say this past week has been a bit of a Rollercoaster (see what I did there😉) so here is a little summary of some of the things we’ve been up to.

Spotify Fresh Finds

Best Friend has been added to Spotifys ‘Fresh Finds: Six Strings’ playlist with over 22,000 followers. This is our first ever time we’ve been added to an official Spotify playlist so we’re really buzzing by this!

Stream Best Friend in ‘Fresh Finds: Six Strings’ below:

Born Music Online interview

Thanks to Born Music Online for premiering our latest track ‘Rollercoaster’. We also had the pleasure of chatting to them about Rollercoaster, the revival of the Luton music scene, our influences and what’s next. We even gave a few shout outs in the interview.

Give the interview a read in full by clicking here.


We also released our 8th release Rollercoaster last #RHWednesday. Despite the artwork showing a picture of a theme park ride, this couldn’t be further from the songs actual meaning. “Rollercoaster gets at the turbulence within a relationship like that and I think the gambling imagery sums up that thrill seeker attitude”.

Stream Rollercoaster on Spotify below.

Elstree UTC

We also went back to James and manager Rafi’s old school, Elstree UTC to perform at an event hosted by Stage 10 Productions. It was amazing going back and seeing some familiar faces as well as getting to meet some of the newer students. The standard of the production was nothing short of incredible. We can’t wait to go back there and do more projects with the Elstree UTC students. Also massive shoutout to TeeVes who supported us at this gig. Definitely gonna be looking out for more of their music in the coming months.

Thanks as ever to our videographer Adam Cooper, who came along and shot this video of our performance at the Elstree UTC.

alexrainbirdMusic’s Summer Playlist

Another huge thank you to our friend Alex Rainbird for adding our first ever release ‘Do What’ to his Indie/Rock/Alternative Compilation – Summer 2017. Alex’s YouTube channel features some of the best unsigned talent in the world so it’s a privilege for him to choose our music to feature on his summer compilation. Having spoken to Alex, it’s truly incredible hearing the extent he goes to find new music for his channel.

Listen to AlexRainbirdMusic’s Indie/Rock/Alternative Compilation – Summer 2017 below. Do What is 50:05.

Spice of Life Gig

We played our second ever London gig last night at Spice of Life in Soho. Thanks to HotVox for hosting us and for everyone that came along to see us. We hope you had a great night!

See if you can recognise this mystery cover we debuted last night?


Our final thank you goes to MarxMusic for adding Rollercoaster to his YouTube channel. Check out Rollercoaster and be sure to subscribe to MarxMusic below.

Have a great weekend, RH